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Our Dental Lab

Top Quality — Made in Germany, made in Berlin!

All prosthetics such as crowns, bridges, partial or full dentures are created in our own dental lab which is located in the same building as our practice. Our dental master technician attends four to five continuing education events per year to learn about new materials, products and technologies or acquire and practice new skills.

During our office hours, she is available for minor repairs or adjustments. For complex dental restorations, you may consult with her directly during your appointment.

Services and products:

Inlays, crowns and bridges
– Composites
– Metal and precious metal (gold)
– Ceramics / porcelain (Ivoclar, metall ceramics d-Sign, e-max)

Dental implants
– Camlog and Ancylos Systems
– Supra constructions for implants

Partial dentures
– Telescopic prosthetics (precious metal, Zirkon-Ceramill)

Full dentures
– Plastic prosthesises
– Prosthesis cleaning and repairs

– Mouth guards against teeth grinding and snoring


We offer a 2 year warranty for prosthetic work from our own dental lab. Legal warranty periods apply for repairs and temporary dentures.