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Amenities and Personal Service

We take our time - Feel at home with us!
As we carry out our practice completely digitally and virtually paper free, we can keep our administrative costs as low as possible and have more time for our patients. Thanks to our proven appointment management, we have been able to reduce waiting times to a minimum. Should you have to wait a few minutes, we are happy to offer you something to drink, fruit and reading materials. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

State-of-the-arte laser treatment
Per request we can use our Erbium-Laser for "painfree drilling".
In addition, we offer the use of a CO2-Laser for surgical procedures and the removal of aphtae / herpes and frenulum corrections.

We offer warranty on our work
We guarantee dental services at the highest level. If you participate in an annual check-up and recall system, we will offer a 2 year warranty for prosthetics a 3 year warranty for dental implants.

Nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation: Suitable for anxious and pain-sensitive patients
Nitrous oxide-oxygen inhalation via a nasal mask is used to allow the anxious patient to relax and the dentist to work quickly and safely. Read more...
Intraoral camera
The intraoral camera delivers high-resolution images of the oral cavity as they otherwise can only be seen under a microscope. By directly positioning the micro camera in your mouth, all findings (teeth, fillings, gum) are displayed on the monitor in front of you. The precise images help to facilitate consultation and communication between the patient, dentist and dental technician.
Relax during your dental treatment - With music and a massage!
Bring your favorite CD with you! We gladly offer you noise-cancellation headphones. You are welcome to use your iPod or MP3 player as well. Our new computerized treatment units are equipped with massage functionality and can help you relax.

Better diagnostics guarantees higher quality
Working with special magnifying glasses allows our dentists to assess your teeth and gums up to 3.5 times magnified. Preparations carried out while using magnifying glasses are very precise and of high quality.

Digital radiography
Through the use of digital radiography (x-rays) we were able to reduce the radiation exposure of our patients to a minimum. The digital recordings are immediately available on the screen in front of you and are used by our dentists to discuss and explain the treatment plan.

Digital Volume Tomography (DVT)
Prior to placing dental implants or performing major surgery, we use digital volume tomography (DVT) which delivers highly detailed three dimensional pictures of the jawbone at minimal exposure.

Prevention is better than cure
Therefore it is our highest priority to maintain the health of your natural teeth through preventative measures (prophylaxis) such as professional tooth cleaning and Airflow treatment or the application of sealants or fluorides.

Children are King
Our young patients can paint in our game room, read, play or watch a movie. We offer an individual prophylaxis routine for children. Studies have shown that early visits with a dentist can greatly benefit your child to grow up with healthy teeth and to prevent fear through positive experiences (praise instead of drilling).
Practice-based dental lab
Since perfectly functioning and aesthetically pleasing prosthetics require a close communication between dentist, patient and dental technician, we maintain an in-house dental lab. As our patient, you have the opportunity to discuss your expectations and needs during your appointment directly with our dental technician.

Financing services
In cooperation with Mediserv we are offering a partial or full financing of your co-payment (interest-free if payed back within 6 months).

Home visits
If required, we will visit you in your home for small adjustments of prosthesises, repairs, tooth cleaning or the fabrication of new total dentures.

Appointment reminder
If you would like to be reminded of your upcoming appointment(s) we are happy to call you, email you or send you a card via mail. Just let us know!

We won't forget you...
and will show our appreciation for your trust in our service on your birthday. !