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Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen ("Happy Gas") Sedation

Suitable for anxious and pain-sensitive patients

The nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation is a safe procedure.

Nitrous oxide acts primarily anxiolytic, and, to a small extent, as an analgesic. Patients who underwent this of sedation described afterwards a pleasant and relaxed feeling during the treatment, as well as a certain disconnect to the events happening in the operatory. The anesthetic injection felt less uncomfortable or was not at all noticed. A possibly existing gag reflex is often completely suppressed.

During the treatment, the nitrous oxide is applied via a nasal mask. While the patient remains responsive and conscious, he is completely relaxed allowing the dentist to work quickly and safely.

The sedative effect occurs within minutes and can be controlled individually over the course of the treatment. After treatment is completed and the nitrous oxide turned off, its effect subsides within minutes again and the patient can, after a brief waiting period, leave the practice independently.

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