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Airflow treatment (a Swiss patent) applies a mixture of air, modified sodium bicarbonate and a water jet for the quick and painless removal of plaque and deposits. During treatment, you will experience the fresh taste of citrus, and immediately after a completely new feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

Fluoridation for caries prophylaxis

The use of fluoride is the most important measure to prevent the development of decay (caries). It is believed that the decline of caries in children and adolescents can be primarily attributed to the widespread use of fluorides. Fluorides are used in different ways, either by the patient at home or in the dentist's office.


Caries remains one of the most common diseases in the population. Particularly endangered are the chewing surfaces of the large permanent molars during the years immediately following their eruption. To prevent tooth decay in these areas, sealants can be applied to protect the chewing surfaces.

Professional tooth cleaning

The professional tooth cleaning or manual therapy is used in patients with chronic periodontitis.

The teeth are stained to make all plaque visible and to obtain an individual oral hygiene status. The patient receives detailed instructions how to improve and maintain good oral hygiene. The following profesional tooth cleaning includes the supra-gingival areas, root of the teeth and periodontal pocket irrigation. The teeth receive a high gloss polish and fluoridation for caries prophylaxis. An antibacterial mouth rinse for the stabilization of the oral flora completes this treatment.