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In our practice, we use a dual laser system (erbium / carbon dioxide laser).

Laser in the dentist's office?


So far, lasers have been found in only very few dental practices, despite their many advantages. Depending on the type, the laser can partially to completely replace the scalpel used for surgical procedures and / or the drill.

In our practice, we have an erbium / carbon dioxide laser system which is suitable for both.

Painfree drilling

At your request, we will gladly use our erbium laser for decay removal. Since the noise and the vibrations of the drill are omitted, many patients are more comfortable with and prefer the use of the laser.

Use in surgical procedures

In addition, we use the laser routinely in surgical procedures, for example, when placing implants, during periodontal surgery or for the sterilization of root canals. Frenulum corrections as well as the treatment of canker sores and herpes are other common and suitable indications for the use of the laser.

The advantages are obvious:

– No additional anesthesia is required,
– Since the laser seals blood vessels, wounds bleed less and sutures can often be avoided,
– Pain, bleeding and postoperative swelling do not occur or to a much smaller extent,
– As the laser kills bacteria, the risk of inflammation is reduced,
– Faster wound healing.